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2014 award winner: “20 in Their 20s”
Folio: Magazine 2014

3rd Place, Best Brewspaper / Free Zine Writing
North American Guild of Beer Writers Writing Awards 2014

“Enthusiasts should seek out the West Coaster (, a monthly magazine devoted entirely to the city’s beer scene.”
New York Times April 2013

1st Place, Non-Daily Newspaper – Public Service/Consumer Advocacy
San Diego Press Club “Excellence in Journalism Awards” 2011

Thank you for your interest in advertising with West Coaster. We are a team of native San Diegans interested in cultivating our hometown’s most awesome product: craft beer. Our simple marketing solutions provide cost-effective advertising directed to a targeted audience: craft beer drinkers in San Diego County. We offer combination web and print advertising, and give discounts for multi-month advertisers. Printing 24,000 issues monthly that are distributed to 300+ craft beer locations, West Coaster is the best source of news regarding the explosive San Diego beer industry. West Coaster Online contains a blog and includes connections to our active Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Purchasing advertising provides no editorial privilege.

To view our rate card, please click here.

We close advertising every 3rd Wednesday of the month preceding publication date. Ad dimensions can be found on our rate card. All high resolution artwork must be in at 5PM PST on the below dates. All major image formats accepted, 300 DPI required for best results. When using the color black, please use CMYK values – any black used must be C=0, M=0, Y=0 and K=100. Please send artwork to

Advertising artwork deadlines
October 2015 deadline: September 16
November 2015 deadline: October 18
December / January 2015 / 2016 deadline: November 16

Any ads requested/sent past the deadline will be accepted & printed at the discretion of the Publisher.
*We do not publish in January. Our December + January issue is printed and distributed in December.

We work primarily with small businesses, so we understand that not everyone has a graphics design department. Let one of our talented graphic designers take care of the advertising artwork for you. Please send in any artwork, logos, or copy you’d like to use in your ad no later than the 3rd Wednesday of the month (as mentioned above).

Once we receive your company logo(s) and the text/copy of your ad, we’ll get to work. A proof will be sent via email towards the end of the month. Then, you should check for errors, accuracy, or suggest changes. We won’t print any ad without your approval. Most of our ads are approved after 2-3 proofs.

Would you like to run ads every other month? Would you like to upgrade your ad size at any time for a fixed rate? Block ad buys? We’re flexible, but please contact us early if you’d like to arrange a custom advertising package.

We send bills via .PDF approximately 7 days after printing. The bill is due 30 days after the invoice date (net 30). First time customers must pay the first month up front. We’ll need a major credit card number or banking information to set up a transfer.

If you are ready to buy advertising space, please contact Publisher Mike Shess at (619) 796-5719 or

Check out our print archives to see who advertises in our magazine.

We give discounts and sometimes free ads to charity events in exchange for media sponsorship. Please contact at least one month in advance of the deadline. The more promotional material we can get our logo on (flyers, posters, websites), the cheaper the ad is (and vice versa).

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